Alex Dickinson

ITV Ident Rebrand 2019

ITV Ident Rebrand 2019

ITV Creates

As of 1 January 2019, ITV Creates will see an artist given a week to craft their own take on the ITV ident, which will then be broadcast across the ITV schedule for the following seven days. 

The brief was to highlight ITV’s commitment to endless creativity, with an idea that would see our on-screen identity constantly reinvented, entertaining the audience and giving a platform to UK based creative talent.

Going forward there will be a month of the year dedicated to new student talent, offering opportunities to young artists at the very beginning of their careers to get there work on TV and seen by millions.

The first eight artists who have created idents for ITV that will air in the first eight weeks of 2019 are Ravi Deepres, Sutapa Biswas, James Brunt, Patricia Volk, Mark Titchner, Katrina Russell Adams, Kristina Veasey and James Alec Hardy.


Alex Dickinson

Ben Knapp

Richard Holman

Anton Ezer

Executive Creative Director:

Tony Pipes

Artistic Director / curator:

Charlie Levine

Produced by:

Jill Findlay

Zina Shah

Edited by:

Ben Jones

Filmed by:

Electric Robin